Sarah & Craig are in the wedding industry themselves and Lympne Castle was their first choice. With so many great places to explore, your guests will love it too. Take a look at their website here:  http://www.lympnecastle.com  Award winning Kent wedding photographer of the year
 With a little direction, lots of laughter and the help of these beautiful colours I really feel this image works perfectly.
Matt Rock 645.jpg
Matt Rock 394.jpg
Laura & Beau WM 570.jpg
Carly & Steve WM 284.jpg
Laura & Beau WM 602.jpg
Laura & Beau WM 588.jpg
 Just one of the beautiful views here at Lympne Castle, Kent.  Look at their website here:  http://www.lympnecastle.com/  If you like old English Castles, this is one to look at.  Award winning Kent wedding photographer of the year
Carly & Steve WM 023.jpg
Carly & Steve WM 126.jpg
Laura & Beau WM 693.jpg
Matt Rock 435.jpg
Laura & Beau WM 456.jpg
Carly & Steve WM 182.jpg
 Emotions can run high during the preparation stage of any wedding and is a time for me to be silent, observe and capture these beautiful moments.
Laura & Beau WM 261.jpg
Matt Rock 836.jpg
Laura & Beau WM 414.jpg
 Documentary photography is all about capturing the moments like this that will bring back those memories for many years.
 I’ve had more tears from clients looking at this image than any other.  This is why I love natural wedding photography and why I love doing what I do.
Our Wedding  239.jpg
Matt Rock 165.jpg
Matt Rock 673.jpg
 The Beautiful Lympne Casrle. Your guests will love it too. Take a look at their website here:  http://www.lympnecastle.com  Award winning Kent wedding photographer of the year
Matt Rock 606.jpg
Matt Rock 256.jpg
Matt Rock 149.jpg
 As the guests arrive the excitement begins.
 Just after the first dance and the parents of the Bride and groom couldn’t wait to get involved in the dancing. Ashdown Park Hotel, East Sussex is an amazing wedding venue with one of the best dance floors I’ve seen.  Have a look at their site here:  http://www.ashdownpark.com  Award winning Kent wedding photographer of the year
All finished 618.jpg
 The Brides Dad brought his old car along for the ride and was the perfect choice of wedding transport. I particularly love the colour and texture of those old seats.
Matt Rock 522.jpg
 Being recommended by past clients is a great honour and I have been lucky to get to know this family over the years.  I have photographed 6 wedding so far for their friends and family.  They know how I work and trust me to just let me get on with documenting their wedding so they can enjoy celebrating it with there family.
Matt Rock 663.jpg
 The Darenth really is a wonderful place to hold your wedding celebrations. Look at their website to see more:  https://www.thedarenth.com/weddings/  Award winning Kent wedding photographer of the year
 Some great emotion during their first dance at one of my favourite venues in Kent. Having been a recommended photographer here, for a few years, I know it well and love to work here. See their website here: https://www.westenhangercastle.co.uk/weddings/
Matt Rock 731.jpg
Fuji Xpro2 027.jpg
 Using the environment and light is important when there isn’t much light to use.  This was a November wedding so we had to make good use of the inside of this beautiful hotel. I loved the colours and the reflection of a wall hanging made it even more magical.
 Traveling around the UK to photograph weddings is an exciting part of my job. This was the second time I’ve had the chance to work here and it really is a cool place to get married. Beautiful wedding venue and friendly staff. Plenty of opportunity for creating your perfect wedding photos. See their website here: http://southendbarns.co.uk  Award winning wedding photographer of the year
 Shooting in a candid, unobtrusive way I am constantly observing what is happening during every part of the wedding. Just before his bride was due to arrive the Groom had to have some last minute alterations.  To me this image shows how emotional the Groom can be, waiting in anticipation for his Bride.
Matt Rock 236.jpg
  Natural moments that tell the story of your wedding. Which is why I love to capture these candid, documentary images that can often go un-noticed.
 As a wedding photographer you get to work at new venues all the time. This was an opportunity to work in a church in Wimbledon.  We were lucky to be able to have a drive around the local area to capture some beautiful portraits of the newly married couple and the Brides Dads old car was the perfect choice of wedding transport.
 When you first spot the boat in the grounds you do wonder if you have the right place. I’ve been a recommended supplier here at The castle, Westenhanger.  A beautiful venue to be considered for your big day. See their site here  https://www.westenhangercastle.co.uk  for more information: Award winning Kent wedding photographer of the year
 Using the environment around you is an important part of wedding photography and as a portrait photographer I love to create beautiful, natural portraits of the Bride & Groom. Whilst shooting a wedding, around 85% of my day is spent working unobtrusively, looking for those moments between the Bride & Groom and their guests. his wedding was shot in Kent at Salomons Estate, Southborough,  https://www.salomons-estate.com
 Happy people are the kind of people I love to work with. I love to be recommended by clients as it shows they trust what I have done for them. Ashdown Park Hotel, East Sussex is an amazing wedding venue with lots of great grounds and one of the best dance floors I’ve seen. their site here:  http://www.ashdownpark.com  Award winning Kent wedding photographer of the year
 Documentary photography is as much about the people that are involved in making the wedding day so special as the bride and groom.  By concentrating on the whole wedding party you can really capture great lasting memories.
 Winter weddings require more creativity when it comes to using light and the environment. This was my first same sex wedding I have photographed and I loved it and came to me as a recommendation from a precious client. I heard one of the funniest speeches ever that their best man gave... Not to be repeated here!
 Spending a few moments on portraits is essential to how I merge my documentary style with creating natural portraits.   https://www.westenhangercastle.co.uk  Lots of great places to make the perfect portrait and wonderful memories.
 I’m always looking for moments like this.
Sarah & Craig 121.jpg
 Bride and her Dad waiting at the top of the stairs before being called down to her ceremony. This is the sort of image that makes me love documentary photography.
 Signing the register photographs should be natural and unstaged and blending in with the guests is a great way of how tI can be discreet and unobtrusive during the official signing.
 Portrait photography is exciting for me.  The bride had no idea what I was trying to achieve with this one. Which is what makes it special when she sees it come to life.
 As a documentary photographer, capturing those moments getting to the Church can be important too.
 I love this time of the day during a full day wedding shoot.
 Sometimes the Groom can be left out at this stage.  Groom photographs will help with the overall look of your album.  Shot at Westenhanger Castle, Kent  https://www.westenhangercastle.co.uk
 Detail photos of the things that make a wedding special are important when it comes to designing your album.
Our Wedding 087.jpg
Our Wedding 050.jpg
Wedding Story 019.jpg
 As an experienced photographer and lover of documentary photos you need to anticipate what is going to happen next so I sit and wait for moments like this to unfold with getting in the way. Take a look at their website here:  http://www.lympnecastle.com
 Kids at weddings can often be the most wonderful subjects to photograph. They are cute and funny and often have no idea what they do melts the hearts of the guests around them.
 Looking for great light like this is what I am doing all day long.
Our Wedding Story 007.jpg
 Love capturing the Best men speeches… Many interesting stories are told.
Francesca & Jamie 687.jpg
Our wedding 632.jpg
Matt Rock 776.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 660.jpg
All WM 523.jpg
All WM 608.jpg
Our Wedding 381.jpg
Our Wedding Story 103.jpg
Our wedding 706.jpg
Our wedding 609.jpg
Our Wedding Story 070.jpg
Our Wedding Story 024.jpg
 Having the Church just next door means you can still have your Church wedding and then have the party in a Castle.  Shooting in a candid way to make my lifestyle photographs of your wedding. Your guests will love it too. Take a look at their website here:  http://www.lympnecastle.com
Our Wedding 515.jpg
All finished 619.jpg
Sarah & Craig 623.jpg
Our Wedding Story 030.jpg
Social WM 746.jpg
Sophie & Jon 346.jpg
Our Wedding  305.jpg
Our Wedding Story 034 2.jpg
Our Wedding Story 034.jpg
Wedding Story 051.jpg
Zoe & Fraser 246.jpg
 Westheath School in Sevenoaks is one of my favourite wedding venues and i’m lucky to be their recommended photographer. It’s a really lovely place to spend time in, Talking to Georgina and the team, soaking up the atmosphere of a wedding day. With it’s Beautiful staircase and lovely gardens, this should be on your list of wedding venues to view. You can see their website here:  http://westheathweddings.com  Award winning Kent wedding photographer of the year
Our Wedding Story  007.jpg
Our Wedding Story 085.jpg
Our Story 226.jpg
Sarah & Craig 335.jpg
Social WM 405.jpg
Our Wedding Story 060.jpg
Social WM 568.jpg
Sophie & Jon 209.jpg
Fuji Xpro2 144.jpg
Social WM 289.jpg
All finished 320.jpg
Our Wedding Story 059.jpg
Extra's 439.jpg
Our Wedding Story 118.jpg
Social WM 692.jpg
Social WM 492.jpg
Sarah & Craig 295.jpg
Our Wedding Story 064.jpg
Our wedding story 001.jpg
Our Story 246.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 316.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 007.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 388.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 022.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 167.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 257.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 176.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 403.jpg
Our wedding Story 113.jpg
Our Wedding Story 032.jpg
Francesca & Jamie 529.jpg
Our Wedding Story 075.jpg
Our Wedding Story 033 2.jpg
Our Wedding Story 100.jpg
Our Wedding Story 062.jpg
Our Wedding Story 104.jpg
Our Wedding Story 077.jpg
Our Wedding Story 070 2.jpg
Our Wedding Story 086.jpg
Our Wedding Story 105.jpg
Our wedding Story 133.jpg
Our wedding Story 122.jpg
Our Wedding Story 079.jpg
Our Wedding 179.jpg
Our Wedding 189.jpg
Our Wedding Story  059.jpg
Our Wedding Story  064.jpg
Social WM 419.jpg
Our Wedding Story  125.jpg
Social WM 723.jpg
Social WM 738.jpg
Fuji Xpro2 061.jpg
Fuji Xpro2 068.jpg
Fuji Xpro2 097.jpg
Our Wedding 249.jpg
Our Wedding 039.jpg
Our Wedding Story  034.jpg
Wedding Story 015.jpg
Wedding Story 080.jpg
Wedding Story 127.jpg
Wedding Story 211.jpg
Our Wedding 531.jpg
Social WM 579.jpg
Our Wedding 258.jpg
Wedding Story 237.jpg
Our Wedding Story  066.jpg
Our Wedding 295.jpg
Fuji Xpro2 054.jpg
Our Wedding 385.jpg
Our Wedding 228.jpg
Our Wedding 195.jpg
Our Wedding Story 072.jpg
Our Wedding 101.jpg
Our Wedding 116.jpg
Our wedding story 055.jpg
Our Wedding Story  114.jpg
Our wedding story 072.jpg
Our Wedding Story 107.jpg
Our Wedding Story 111.jpg
Our wedding story 123.jpg
Our wedding story 138.jpg
Our wedding story 136.jpg
Our Wedding Story 059.jpg
Our Wedding Story 157.jpg
Our Wedding Story 052.jpg
Our Wedding Story 162.jpg
Our wedding story 102.jpg
Our wedding story 247.jpg
Our wedding story 083.jpg
Our Wedding Story 039.jpg
Our Wedding Story 058.jpg
Our Wedding Story 084.jpg
Sophie & Jon 018.jpg
Social WM 522.jpg
Social WM 304.jpg
Social WM 648.jpg
Our Wedding 013.jpg
Lois & Adam - 2.11.13  261.jpg
Social WM 673.jpg
Our Wedding 533.jpg
Our Wedding 427.jpg
Our Wedding 438.jpg
Sophie & Jon 028.jpg
Our wedding  090.jpg
Our Wedding 148.jpg
Our Wedding 295.jpg
Our Wedding 296.jpg
Our Wedding 376.jpg
Our wedding  440.jpg
Our Wedding 271.jpg
Sophie & Jon 173.jpg
Sophie & Jon 195.jpg
Our wedding  430.jpg
Sophie & Jon 212.jpg
Our Wedding 693.jpg
Sophie & Jon 286.jpg
Our Wedding 204.jpg
Our wedding  198.jpg
Our Wedding  150.jpg
Sophie & Jon 461.jpg
Our wedding  310.jpg
Our Wedding 118.jpg
Alex & Paul  027.jpg
Alex & Paul  109.jpg
Alex & Paul  141.jpg
Our Wedding  095.jpg
Our Wedding  442.jpg
Alex & Paul  179.jpg
Alex & Paul  227.jpg
Alex & Paul  282.jpg
Alex & Paul  347.jpg
Our Wedding  142.jpg
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